This past weekend (Dec 2,3,4) eleven gamers from several States met at Legions for a DBM tournament. All armies were 400 points from the DBM or DBMM lists. I agreed to be a designated punching bag for the others (I do play DBM, but like DBA a LOT more). I already know most of the guys from the big East cons, although some I had never met on the tabletop.

I used Early Crusaders, a list with some severe problems (ALL generals are Allied, so can be unreliable), but I like the period and the figures.

Quick version:

First up was John Loy’s Medieval French. He whacked me 15-zip in a quick battle. Next was Doug Anderson’s Sicilians. Again, I slept with the fishes…

Next was Wayne Carter’s Later Achaemenids. This was my favorite game as it went down to the wire with either of us getting the win if we killed just one more element. He got the needed dead one, but I did manage to break two of his small cavalry commands. Sunday I first faced Kevin Serafini’s Normans, early “cousins” to my Crusaders. I got lucky here and won 15-0, and achieved my goal of “not getting skunked”. Last was Rob Cunningham’s Southern Dynasty Chinese, who cleaned my clock and broke my army quickly.

Crusaders await the charge of the Persian chariots.

Crusaders await the charge of the Persian chariots.

The games were all enjoyable, with good opponents. I liked the variety of armies which showed up, and got to learn a few good pointers on DBM play.

I think I’ll retire the Crusaders from DBM (although they are better in DBMM) and morph them to Anglo-Normans. They will do much better for me since the sub-generals are not Allies.

DBM is a nice change from DBA with the large number of troops on the board–it looks more like a battlefield, but I  still like DBA more.

It was nice to see the Pittsburgh boys take top honors…Tim Hladon was first, and Kevin Serafini second. Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all who played…it was a fun weekend!

Crusaders turn the Norman Welsh flank.

Crusaders turn the Norman Welsh flank.

Howard West awards Tim Hladon the winner's trophy.
Howard West awards Tim Hladon the winner’s trophy.