Cold Wars started good for me…picked up a new car for the trip on Wednesday, so this trip was it’s maiden voyage…with a mad crew of Larry Chaban, Alan Ferrency, and JM Seman we left Pittsburgh noonish for the four-hour drive to Lancaster.

The first event for DBA was “Horde Wars at Cold Wars”, a great favorite run by Larry Chaban…a Stooge production! Here all armies must have  at least one Horde element and points are awarded for fielding multiple hordes and if your horde kills an opponent. I had already promised to play a DBM event, so missed this one totally. A Stooge has to spread his presence! It was a real good crowd for the nite before the Con officially began, and Jeff Franz emerged victorious.

The DBM event was a Crusader/Arab battle for the oasis with 1000 points on each side! Run by the Pittsburgh DBM guys (Howard West and Kevin Serafini), I was the center Crusader lord attcking the oasis. Our left, ably led by the brave Sir Howard got initially mauled by the light horse of the heathens, but steadily overcame them and shattered two commands. I rolled well enough in the middle to hold my own and kill a few. Our right was also victorious…Deus Vult!

DBM Crusades game

DBM Crusades game

So far a good start to Cold Wars..I was rolling well, so I was optimistic……Yeah, right!

Teams was next on Friday. Team Stooge (Larry Chaban and I) were using triple Ghaznavids. Our first match was against Team “Tragedy and Comedy” (Christina and Spencer Ginder’s Romans with Pre-Islamic Arab ally). Things were going well until I managed to roll seven straight 1’s in combat, thus breaking my CiC command. Larry saved the day by doing enough damage to win. AAcckk!!

In our next game, my first combat roll was also a 1!!! EIGHT STRAIGHT!!!

Professor Kuijt calculated that the odds were better I would be eaten by a shark or hit by lightning. I AM the Diceman…………..

We ended up winning a couple but lost in the semifinals on points. Yeah, Larry, I know it was my fault!

We coulda been contendahs…..

Next up was the Pyramid Game. Here you fight a 1 on 1 battle, with the loser becoming part of your army (minus two lost elements) in the next round. Then it was two-on-two and finally four-on-four. We were using the new 2.2 plus adaptation and all went very well. I  borrowed Gasgans (all warband and psiloi with a light chariot for general). First I drew Greek Alex’ Ugaritic and downed him with great skill (translation…I rolled BIG). Next we faced Terence McPartland’s Hittites and his subject Bruce Rzengota’s  Early Bedouin.

Our new lord Terence led us to the final battle where we were mercilessly trampled ….dreams of empires shattered in the dust. Where’s my beer???

Next up was Midnite Madness. Since I hosted the game it gave me more time for beer. It was a light field with eight entries in this single elimination event. At least we would finish before 2 am…

Finals: Midnite Madness

Finals: Midnite Madness

Ron Giampapa (orn right) outlasted Rich Gause to take the event.

Saturday morning was Matched Pairs, where you provide both armies with your opponent picking which one he will use. You have to pick balanced armies here as you might get stuck with the dog! Since it is Matched Pairs, the armies may be any scale, and I played Hybrid DBA with 15mm figures based on 25mm base sizes. The extra figures really make the stand look like a diorama, much like in Impetus. I used double Condotta for my armies, hopefully to get practice before the big Condotta event that evening.

As it was, I won both my Condotta games but fared worse in the other two…

The “biggie” was next: Condotta Campaign called  Omnia Pro Pecunia Facta Sunt!
(15th c. Latin motto — all things are done for money), ably hosted by the Two Davids (Kuijt and Schlanger).

Here if you invade and beat an opponent, they become your vassal and ppoints are also accumulated for thier future victories. In a new twist, if your general is killed, we roll after the round to see if you cravenly escape, die, or are taken prisoner for ransom. If you invade and are captured you become the vassal of the player you attacked, as the ransom price is so very high. Picking numbers gives the order of attacks, so I  (playing the Serene Republic of Genoa) was quickly invaded by the evil James II, Count of La Marche, Ruler of Naples( Rich Gause). Unfortunately I had paid a page to drug James and he fell into my clutches. The price of his ransom was to become MY vassal…muahh, hah, hah (evil Snidely Whiplash laugh there).

I next invaded The Papacy’s lands, defended by Barry Levin. Unfortunately I was repulsed when night fell and retreated (unfinished game).

Savoy attacks the Duke of Genoa

Savoy attacks the Duke of Genoa

Then evil Savoy attacked (Jeff Franz). In a real gutsy move he tried to kill my general, but was himself captured two bounds later…hmmmm, I like this ransom gig!

As you see in the picture there was no room for either general to recoil!

At the last round, three of us were tied in points for the dominance of Italy: Me,  Verona (Alan Ferrency), and Aquileia (Louis of Teck, Patriarch of Aquilaia: Mark Pozniak). In the ensuing dice roll for victory I was left far behind. Alan emerged the winner although tis said in the taverns that Mark was somehow by-passed for the laurel wreath. My spies will have much work to gather the truth….

Sunday was DBA-RRR. a Renaissance version of DBA. I use ECW Royalists and with much skill  (and more important, much big dice)  managed to win the event.



Hybrid DBA,,15mm figures on 25mm bases.

Hybrid DBA,,15mm figures on 25mm bases.

Thanks to all who played and ran the games at Cold Wars. It was a great con, and hope to see you all at Historicon!