Wow, long time no post! Sorry!!

Anyway, I tried my first solo game of Flames of War (FOW) against Jim Naughton on Friday night. We used 1000 points as that’s all the German grenadiers that Jim has. I used trusty 51st Highland Division  British. (Reason: I was a reenactor doing WWII for 25years and did that unit!). My forces had two infantry platoons, one transported in defrocked Priests, 4 6pdrAT guns, 2 4.2inch mortars, a reccee platoon of carriers, 2 Vickers HMGs and 4 Shermans (1 Firefly). I thought it was a good balanced force…We rolled for attack/defense and Jim deployed his German defenders in two diagonal quadrants of the board which included a central village. My objectives were in the open behind the village in the other diagonal corner. Jim had to leave one mixed platoon off table for later arrival, and deployed two grenadier platoons, a platoon of 75mm ATGs, and a platoon of Stugs. I thought his points must be higher because it seemed like I had more troops. Silly me!

Keith Kunkle joined Jim as his other commander and Eric Streicher became my 2nd in command.

We also had to leave  one platoon of 2 Vickers HMGs off board for later arrival. Our troops then moved onto the board. I had the left and drove the 6pdrs up behind a crest with the view of deploying behind the crest of the hill, then pushing the guns to the crest to fire. I could observe 2 Stugs lurking in the town and a few squads of infantry. My mortars deployed behind the hill out of sight of the village. Supporting infantry advance under cover of a low rise. Eric had the reccee on his far right to check out a hill there. His Shermans led off followed by infantry in the Priest APCs. Things went well so far…

Then Keith rolled for air support…..

Crap! I didn’t think Jim would buy that with only 1000 points! Of course the Hs129 arrived on turn 1, but only 1 plane showed up! I thought, “not too bad”.  He had to confirm all hits and I have two AA MGs where he was attacking. Right!

Three dead Shermans and two bugged out Priest APCs followed…and a German 75 took out the last tank.

OK, I’m screwed but I still have all my infantry and the mortars and ATGs could fire on the Stugs in the village, Riiight!

The mortars shoot to range in…and miss on FOUR throws (they re-roll the first because they are mortars). One ATG bogs down on the back of the hill. The others shoot and ALL MISS! DICEMAN rulz!!!!

Now it’s the German turn and the plane returns (only one plane again!). The plane takes out BOTH mortars!! I am well and truly screwed now and call the game.

Lessons learned: I need some AA or a plane of my own to use for interception! FOW can sometimes be very unforgiving if the dice are hot for one side and not for the other.

Back to the drawing board!!!