Friday evening (8/29) at Legions Hobbies …another challenge! To get ready for our up-coming tournament, I challenged Tim McClelland to a battle. It was to be Late War, 1650 points with no more support platoons than combat platoons.


Tim’s Confident Trained Kampfgruppe.


And Tim himself!

















My British from Road to Rome, all Confident Vets:








The terrain was familiar to the defending British who had been attacked by an armored Panzergrenadier unit the week before. After a short rest while damaged equipment was repaired or replaced and new recruits brought “up to snuff”, the cheeky Jerries attacked again! This time the mission was Counterattack.  Once again I chose to hold the high ground southeast of the town. Tim deployed due north, knowing he would get the first move.


The right side of the battlefield, with one of the objectives hidden in the pines. This was the British deployment zone.


View of the left side of the battlefield. My reinforcements were due to arrive in the corner to the left of the road. The German objective is visible to the right of the crop field.







My British objective depicts the 51st Highland Division’s “Highway Decorators”. The Division painted their badge on walls from North Africa to Germany during the war. Here the brazen painter works right beside the officers taking tea!






A battery of 4 25pdrs guarded my right, with a great view to the deploying Germans. A platoon of Churchills held their front.


Churchills hold the town.
















A platoon of Bofors guns guarded the artillery, while an infantry platoon was strung to the left flank and into the town proper guarding the tanks.  6pdr antitank guns covered the thin front from ambush so were not yet revealed.


The Germans were deployed in a big block, massing on the center boundary to rush toward the objective to their right. The massive armored werfer battery deployed on the back edge, hoping that “der Briitishers” wouldn’t do too much artillery damage until they could spread out a bit.


The first turn sees the Germans moving to their right. The werfers fire at the British but fail to land a meaningful barrage.












On the British first turn, help arrives in the second infantry platoon! They move quickly towards the objective and take cover in a small woods. Now it’s time for the 25pdrs to earn their pay…


Ranging in on the second try, the barrage takes out two infantry elements. No damage was recorded on the werfers or the half-tracks under the blast pattern.

The Churchills see a few half-tracks and at long range only manage to bail one.










The second turn sees the continued move toward the German objective. An infantry platoon make for the side of the town with the Churchills. Now the German werfers finally find the target!


Germans infiltrate the town near the rail crossing.


The massive rocket barrage (a 12″ square PIE PLATE!) hits the British positions. Fortunately it does minor damage, killing one infantry element, but pinning the infantry and the artillery.












Two of the  75mm PaK40s mounted on half-tracks and two stationary Stugs fire at the Churchills, with the heavy armor bouncing a few and resulting in one bailed tank. Unfortunately for the tankers, a lone Panzerfaust hits from the infantry….another bail and a failed roll kills one tank! Gun fire to my right from a platoon of Sdkfz 251s take out two stands of the just-arrived platoon in the woods.


Scratch one Churchill!


The Sherman arrive to help the pinned infantry who still cower from the accurate MG fire of the half-tracks.











In my turn, more reinforcements luckily arrive…a platoon of Shermans with one 17pdr and one 105. They go to work on the half-tracks, killing two. Two passengers die in the wreckage and the platoon fails its morale test. First point to the Brits!


Tanks versus half-tracks does not go well for the half-tracks.

The third turn begins with the whining scream of a diving Stuka. Herr Rudel (later named “Brutal Rudel” for his game performance) targets the Shermans.









You can’t hide from the Rudler of the Sky!


The werfers strike again, but only pin the infantry and the artillery. One 25pdr had a close escape because of a failed firepower roll.  Antitank guns reach out to the Shermans and bail the 105. Rudel swoops in and takes out the other two in the platoon. Miraculously the Sherman 105  makes all his required rolls and stays in action….plucky Brit, wot?





Smoke and flames after Rudel’s attack…the bailed crewman looks at the carnage.


In the British phase, two carrier sections arrive on the threatened flank, zipping behind the burning tanks looking for some cover. All the pinned platoons recover and the 6pdr guns finally show themselves, guarding the town and  covering the approaches to the German  objective.

The 105 Sherman remounts, but is too hasty in his aim and misses everything! The Bofors guns, artillery  and Churchills fire at the Boche in the buildings and score two casualties total.



The carriers race toward the objective, hoping to win the race before Rudel comes back.

Turn 5 opens with the return of Rudel! The Stugs and Pak40s unload on the 105 Sherman and carriers. The carriers are all missed but the Sherman bounces 4 hits!

(Sometimes I actually can roll big dice). This is all to no avail as Der Rudler rips the Sherman apart…one dead platoon single-handed! A point to the Germans, now.

My turn 5 was ineffectual as everything missed. I must have used up my good dice on the Sherman. The carriers continued their move toward the German objective.




Turn 6 has Rudel appear again. Now he goes for the Churchills. The Stugs and PaK40s fire at the carriers and one exposed Churchill. The tank bounces the shot and the speedy carriers seem to dodge everything thrown at them. This turn Der Rudler is not so lucky as he must venture into range of the Bofors gun covering the left side of the town.  Trailing smoke, the Stuka is seen to go down behind German lines.

The British turn sees no results worth mentioning, although a near miss from a PIAT scared a Stug and the 25pdrs bailed a werfer. A  4.2″ mortar platoon arrives and takes cover in the woods and immediately digs in.

Turn 7 starts with clear skies…Rudel must be waiting for a new plane. The Germans mass fire on the infantry platoon still holding on the British left. The two survivors pack it in and try to reach friendly lines.  The German werfers again pin everything on the hill.

Sensing easy prey, the Stugs assault the now undefended mortar platoon. One  bogs entering the woods. After three rounds of combat, the Germans retreat with two lost Stugs. British Bullshit…errrr Bulldog rules! The dismounted Panzergrenadiers try to stalk the carrier platoon but fail their tank terror test.


Stug assault fails.


On the British turn, the Churchill platoon leader bags a Stug at long range. The carriers and Churchills savage the exposed Panzergrenadiers, killing 5 stands and destroying the platoon. The last Stug carries on.

Turn 8, no Rudel again. The werfers fail to hit anything. One of the carriers falls to 75mm antitank shot. The mortars seem invulnerable to a hail of MG fire, but the Germans tracks assault them after firing. One track bogs and dies when the mortars repel the attack, going down to only the platoon command stand, who makes all required checks again! This guy is up for a serious medal….

My side of the turn sees a continuation of 25pdr barrage and direct tank fire from the Churchill platoon leader to take out the German Company commander and his track. The mortar commander fails a sole survivor check and leaves the field, looking for his medal.


Bye bye, commander.

Turn 9 sees no Rudel again. The werfers pound the hill and kill an infantry stand. The infantry and 6pdrs are pinned. Most of the the shots at the carriers miss but one goes down and the platoon flees. The Churchill platoon leader is double-bailed and my roll of a 1 removes the platoon.


At this point we called it due to time. Tim lost 2 platoons.and I lost 3. I successfully defended the town and my large force allowed me a 4-3 close win.

Thanks Tim for the great game! I think your dice were pretty cold for the last three turns and that’s the big reason I edged it out.

I hate Rudel!