On Friday Nov 14, Bill Thompson brought out his Fallschirmjagers to match against my US 101st Airborne at Legions Hobbies.

Bill Thompson and his 1750pt list:











My list was Parachute Rifle Company (101st with 11th British):











Bill chose the SW corner of the heavily wooded terrain to defend in. The Belgian woods were interrupted only by roads and clearings. No towns were located in this area. I chose to attack from Bill’s right. This pic shows Bill’s deployment area in the upper right and the two objectives in place. The sticks placed in the left of the picture are the limits of my deployment area.



Bill put his 3 StuGs in ambush and left one infantry platoon off-board for a reserve. These decisions proved to be key in the following battle.

He attached one HMG to each infantry platoon to beef up their firepower.



His deployment is shown:









My deployment:

IMG_3620My plan was to use the tanks and mounted infantry to take the objective to the NW.

The Recce troop dismounted into entrenchments to remove his Gone-to-Ground status. I thought I needed that edge as his infantry was all Veteran and I had the first move. As it turned out, it may have been a better choice to use them with the tanks. Try to get tricky and get screwed…




The British Heavy AA guns deploy near the center.


Turn One began with the arrival of two P47s. The Recce removes GtG on the 1st infantry platoon and the PaK40s…a good beginning for me! But next I had to shoot (and roll dice.) The tanks moved toward the objective, wary of the still-hidden StuGs.





The P47s go for a target-rich environment:









The combination of my infantry platoon, all my LMGs, and direct-fire mortars resulted in a grand total of ONE dead infantry stand and ONE PaK40! The 105s range in on his Nebelwerfers, landing on the THIRD attempt and pin the platoon and nearby AA guns. To top it all off, the plane gets shot down!!

Bill rolls to hit the plane:









And then to kill the plane:


I can see it’s going to be one of THOSE games!!!







In his turn, Bill unpins everyone. His werfers target my 105s and takes one out:









The Heavy mortars target the infantry platoon with no effect as I make all my saves.


His rifle and MG fire does kill one stand after the barrage lifts.







Turn Two starts with me unpinning all units and getting two more P47s, who target a heavy mortar which is out of sight from the AA. The mortars and infantry fire are all fails, as Bill saves for all targets hit. The remaining 105s continue to fire at the werfers and take one out:


The P47s scream in on the mortar and spot it in the tree line. A bomb on target takes it out.






The German turn sees the arrival of an infantry platoon from reserves, who take cover in a small woods surrounded by a lot of open ground. Those British tanks to the left  and the Engineer MGs at the bottom of the picture are pretty menacing…..


Bill unpins everyone except the werfers . All his other fires result in pinning the lead American platoon and killing one stand. The HMGs come close to killing the Recce .50cal, but he fails the Fire Power roll.






Turn Three begins with a single  P47, and the infantry unpins. The 105s continue to bombard the werfers but all shots miss:

IMG_3635 The P47s target the reinforcing platoon. The tanks and Engineers move within close range and also target the platoon. When the dust clears, the plane failed to see the infantry but the MG fire cuts down two stands.






The German turn sees some movement toward the Americans still moving toward the objective. The StuGs remain hidden. The heavy mortars range in on the American mortars, killing one mortar and the platoon commander…the remaining mortar saves with a 6 for morale…whew!

IMG_3636Bill’s HMGs and infantry fires take out an infantry stand and a Recce .50 cal with an impressive bunch of 5’s and 6’s needed to hit.






Turn Four gets 2 P47s. (Wow!! I NEVER get this many planes in a row!!) My fires this turn are totally ineffective..the continuing barrage misses as do all other firing! At least the plane succeeds in taking out one of the German HMGs:









Bill fails to unpin his HMG platoon, but all else is combat-ready. The pinned HMG takes out a bazooka, and the HMG attached to the infantry rolls 4 6’s and kills a stand. The moving Second platoon (near the objective) loses a stand also. The deadly 120mm mortars land again on the American mortars but miss when I save with all my rolls. His werfers try to hit the tanks after a moved PaK failed to penetrate the Firefly and bounce off the tanks when I roll a 5 and 6.









Turn 5, 2 more planes (OMG!) The planes target the PaK40 which tried to snipe the Firefly. All my fires prove that I’m using bad ammo…EVERYTHING misses. The planes hit the PaK40 and an infantry stand. I miss the infantry by rolling a 1! The PaK , of course, makes his save…









The Germans move in their turn to secure the objective, and bombard the mortars and Heavy AA guns to no effect. The reinforcing platoon takes out one of the Engineer stands, though.

At this point we called the game 6-1 in Bill’s favor, as I thought I couldn’t take the objective with the time remaining in the game. If he had not contested the objective during his move I would have won.

As I mentioned earlier, I think I would have had a better chance if I had kept the Recce platoon mounted to help shoot the Germans away from the objective. My inability to hit the reinforcing Germans over three turns was also critical as I spent too many resources to try to get a point. Bill’s ambush was never revealed, and this threat also hampered my attack. The 105s were singularly firing bad ammo. Consider that there were 2-3 stands under continual barrage for SIX turns which resulted in only one stand eliminated and one turn of pinned werfers.

Well played, Bill!