The FoW gang met at Legions Hobbies on Nov 22 for Tanksgiving! This is a free-for-all battle where each participant fields a tank-only (must be fully tracked and have at least “0” armor) list of 750 points all from one nation. For example, I fielded a Tiger II, 2 Jagdpanzer IV (long), and 2 Veteran tank hunter Raupenschlepper Ost with PaK40. One of the Jgpz IV was trained, all else veteran. Most of the players were very conventional with several Tiger IIs, “Jumbo” Shermans, Panthers, a Super Pershing and a JgPz VI (“cheater” Tim!), but Neal fielded a colorful unit of mixed tanks from “Girls und Panzer”, a Japanese anime feature. (Sorry, no pics!)

The bad weather (rain and ice) prevented three of our guys from the South of Pittsburgh from arriving due to many accidents on the roads, including the TO Tim McClelland. The bad weather was all south of us, though, and the two guys from Erie had no troubles. Tim called and said they were OK, but not being able to make their way to us. Since we had enough to play, Tim Hladon stepped up ably ran the event.

Basically, the players pick an edge of the 8’x 8′ table to setup on. The order is determined by a card pick from a regular deck of cards. Each round the players move and shoot when their random card is drawn. The only restriction is that on the first turn you may not shoot at either of your nearest neighbor. After that, all bets are off and it’s kill or be killed. Last man standing is the winner!

The table before we set up:






And another view:






Now we started to pick setup areas:







Fitzi’s Panthers hide in the woods…






Scratch one Sherman!






The mayhem went on for several hours until we called the game with 3 players remaining. At that point, Larry Stone with a Super Pershing and regular Sherman left) had the most points and couldn’t be caught by the rest (Larry Chaban with one Jumbo; and yours truly with a Tiger II, vet JgPz IV  and a RSO). If you wonder why I had so many still alive is because I spent most of the game BOGGED in the woods! I couldn’t shoot, but no one could shoot me. I swear I rolled 8-9 1’s to bog my tanks….

Larry Stone…the Tanksgiving Champ! The big prize he’s holding is a gift card for Legions.






Thanks for all who came and played…it was a lot of fun! And big thanks for our photographers Rob Gerdich and Larry Chaban….