December 13 was the Flames of War  Christmas Fest at Legions Games. In the “spirit of giving” for this time of year, this event was a little different. From the event description: “Make a Mid War list of a MINIMUM of 600 points that is the absolute worst list you can come up with. You will be giving that to your opponents to use. Your opponents will give you their list for you to use. Your force composition only needs to have one Combat platoon (instead of the usual two). 600 points is the minimum number of points that you can bring. You could go over if you want, but remember, you will be playing against your list for all three rounds.

The event will last for three rounds. Every round will be Free-for-All and will be played on 4’x4′ tables.”

So it’s “screw yer friends for Xmas!!!” Bah, Humbug!! I love it!!

My “gift” was:

FoWXmaslistSince the AT guns are “no HE” weapons, they function as very expensive rifle teams (although the portees do have a vehicle MG).

I had three fun games using crap Soviets (one unit had NO rifles!!), Germans and American OSS. I won with Soviets and Germans but lost with the OSS. My army was crappy, but not as crappy as Shane’s!!

Here’s some pics:

IMG_3673Captain America objective.